Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Where has the past few weeks gone? It is for sure time does fly when you are having fun!

It has been cold, windy and just plain gloomy around central Indiana. Nothing exciting at all has happen here lately.
I did go with a couple friends and fabulous knitters to a fiber fair last Friday. I have been to fiber shows many times but this was the first time as a knitter. And OMG it was overwhelming checking out all the yarn. Planning for a knitting project is much more detailed than hooking or felting. As a new knitter I'm not that familiar with the different yarns and what you use for what pattern. Hard to believe I came home with NO yarn. BUT I will be ready for the next fiber show and have my ducks in a row.

I do think I want to dye yarn for my next project. Now dying I know how to do! I will just throw some yarn into the pots as I'm dyeing wool for hooking.
This will get two things done at once! Knitting.... not so much!

In the mean time I'm working on my Einstein Coat/or the light weight one whatever that is called and thinking of what I want to knit next.

This is where I found Bee the other night. Sleeping in the basket I keep my knitting in.
Just what I want furry yarn! At least my sweater I'm working on wasn't in there at the time.

And oops I woke her up! Pour thing.......

she looks over the edge like you found me! She is a funny cat and does move from spot to spot to sleep so it is a surprise where you find her sleeping next!

This basket was one of Neil's grandmothers baskets. A great old oak basket that somebody took the time to even dye some of the splits for it. Bee does know she is to be "good" in this basket!

Easter Sunday we went to my brothers for dinner. Linda fixed a wonderful meal. My cousin Rich came with his two kids Cam and Paige. Zack was home from Purdue and Madi was busy texting! The kids were too busy for adults at this age but it was fun seeing them for a few minutes. Madi is busy getting ready for the prom. She tried her dress on for me and I'm going to have to alter the straps a bit but shouldn't be much of a problem.
Zach was working on her BMW to drive it back to school. This has been a project for the past year and right now it is about done. ...........Until the next major problem!

Think I'm going to go spend the rest of the afternoon knitting. Don't tell Neil! As if he would be shocked!