Friday, July 29, 2011


It is really hard to be away from the city when the boys of summer are in town!
Sure miss the roar of the engines!  And the excitement of Indy with NASCAR in town!
Not to mention the  race itself.  In years past it was the best reward
of camp being over to head over to watch the big race!
Now Neil says NO so I have to watch on TV!

Thursday, July 28, 2011


I can't believe that July is almost over.   Although I bitch about the heat, I love hot weather and find it really depressing when it gone.  Living in Indiana you have to enjoy the bright sunshine of summer compared to the grey days of fall and winter.
 For 13 years I lost most of my summer due to having the Primitive Rug Hooking Retreat at the Shaker Village in Kentucky.   It took so much time to get ready for it then spending from 7 to 15 days away from home by time it was over so it seemed summer was also.   I miss many things about the hooking retreat but not my missed summers and the stress of pleasing so many people which is impossible to please everybody.
A few weeks this little hummingbird flew into our back door.   After a few minutes in my hand she was ready to fly away on her own.  She felt like velvet and so tiny.   I still find it hard to believe I was holding her.  We have three hummingbird feeders on the  back porch and MANY of the little birds are feeding.  Sometimes there are so too many to even count.
Last week I decided to go to my wool room and hook.   WOW it has been so long but now I'm starting to get excited about a new rug I'm planning.   Just want to get this crazy little rug finished so I can move on to something fun!
Since my 'chores' are finished for the day I think I'll head out to the pool for a bit of the sun and heat!   Bet it won't take long to melt!  

Monday, July 11, 2011


There are two new additions to our family
 in the past few months. 
First is beautiful Kaylee Elizabeth White!
This is her at 3 months!   What a sweet heart!  And no she isn't spoiled!  Neil won't share her with anybody and I have to sneak to get my time with her!  What a joy she is!   Now my job is to make her into a girly girl!  
And this cutie sitting in the shade of the
bee skip is Miz Kat!
She was left by her family that lived
next door when they moved a couple months ago.  Guess who felt sorry for her?
Neil was the first to feed her and like they say feed a cat once and
she is yours!  She is a really good outside cat! 
BUT Bee and Little Bit hate her!  When they see Miz Kat they go crazy.
It has been a bit stressful around here with they cats.  What we live with
when we have cats!

Friday, July 8, 2011


This is the wonderful view I have as I sit on my back porch.
It is my favorite place to be this summer.
Watching the birds while I enjoy the shade and sit under the  fan on the porch.
We have worked hard the past month or so on the large
flower bed we put in off the porch.
It has been quite a job working on the hill
where nothing is flat. 
But what fun shopping for plants.  We found a wonderful Amish greenhouse
that had the best plants and prices.
And another place out in the country and we call the
"hippie greenhouses"!  You would have to see it to know why it is called that!

Neil made the bee skep the other day. 
And has moved all the rocks for the
We have been all dragging rocks home
from along the roads, creeks and up above
 our woods out of a corn field.
It is hot, hard work but there are just
so many wonderful rocks to be had!

With the long days of summer here is hard to not
enjoy the pools on hot afternoons so I tried to get my 'chores' finished in time
to enjoy some pool time each day.

I really have to pinch myself to believe this is our great life now!