Tuesday, August 23, 2011


It has turned into a beautiful day here in Southern Indiana today.  Low humidity and mid 80's.  Wish this could last all  year.  I'm busy knitting a baby blanket that needs to be finished for a shower Sunday.   Yes, I waited until the last minute to start it but working under pressure is a good thing!
Neil is bored today and no project I suggest seems to be what he wants to do!  At least he has made it to the workshop so maybe he will come up with something to do.  I think at times he is very bored with retirement! 
Better get back to knitting as I would like to knit a hat also for little Simon for the shower also!

Sunday, August 21, 2011


Now this is HOT weather.  The humidity is killer last few days.  And such a crappy time of  year for allergies.   YUCK   Can you tell I'm not a fan of this time of  year!  I'm afraid it getting time to close the pool for the season and that is not good.  Love that natural vitamin D you can get in the summer!  The hummingbirds are thick at the feeders getting ready for their long flight south soon.  This is all telling me winter is coming.
Neil headed out to his workshop yesterday.   I had no idea what he was working on. Next thing he was asking me about stars........  said he was  making a flag and need stars........  You can see he found stars and it turned out great.   I helped him hang in on the side of the house.  It is hard to tell here but it is about 6 ft wide.  He made it out of old red fence boards that had been laying around.   He can make anything and has great ideas!   I'm really lucky for sure!

Little Bit peeking out of "her' basket!  This is her safe place
and most of the time she is in here. 

This is Baby Bee that I caught sleeping in the chair in our bedroom!
She is a funny cat as her daytime nap place is always different. 
But this again Bee is a DIFFERENT cat that allows us to live with her.

No great plans for the day.  Need to spend time knitting a baby blanket.  And of course there is a race on to watch!  Might need to check out the pool to see how cold the water is.   These cool nights have really dropping the tempature of the pool water.  Bet there is a ton of leaves in it since they are falling like crazy.  Judy I think it is more than just a dry summer why they are falling.........

Have a great day and thanks for visiting!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


This has to be the time of the year when the bugs are the biggest and EVERYWHERE!   To me it is a sad time of the year as the flowers are slowly fading and leaves are starting to drop.   I miss the heat of the summer.  Of course I complain loud about the HEAT we had this year but sure beats what is coming.  Am I the only person that freaks this time of year?  Sure I love the colors of fall but not what comes after fall in Indiana!

Last Friday was  Josh's birthday and Neil made him a 'little' present!  
Just wanted to make sure he could see it!    And I think it was a BIG hit!
This is where we Miss Kat has taken a few afternoon  naps. 
She  has found a new lamb friend to hang out with!
She blends right in!

Nothing exciting happening here on the hill.  Helped Neil clean the  garage yesterday and I found several 'projects' for him to fix up!  Now it looks like a lazy afternoon.  Maybe I'll go to the wool room and hook.  I only have a couple hours and this rug will be finished!   That will be great since I started it a LONG time ago!

Yarn I ordered should be here tomorrow so that I can get started on baby gifts!  My nephew Zach and Annie are having a boy in November.  Right now they are planning on naming him Simon.  With Neil's middle name Alvin we will have two chipmunks in the family!  
Kaylee is enjoying Reily,her so cousin reading to her!  She is getting so big that I'm sure she will need some new hats for winter also!  She is too cute!