Saturday, December 19, 2009


Where has December gone?
As I watched it snow today it really got me a Christmas mood.
The snow didn't last amount to anything but
it sure looked pretty while it was coming down!
I've spend the last few days knitting...
working on a few quick presents
that I didn't decide to make until last minute.
But I work so much better under pressure.
We are waiting for our closing date,
which they are saying is January11th.
It seems to be taking forever.
Just can't wait for it to be ours and then the moving will begin.
Now that part I can do without!

I want to wish all of you a very
Merry Christmas!

Monday, November 30, 2009


This is such a good question.....
We moved and had to be out
of our house November 21st.

And between the time we sold our house we
bought a house/log cabin
in southern Indiana.

We are renting a house
until we close on the new cabin
and move.
MOVE again
I think it might kill us!
We are way too old for all this work!

Right now everything is stacked to the ceiling.
Nothing to do around here but that will change
once we get into the new place.

We have LOTS of plans
work for it.
Even though it is great shape we want

to make it ours.

This is a view from the front porch!
And the porch is like this on all four sides!

Right now it looks like it will be Janurary before we move again!
Plenty of time to get rested and ready!

Friday, October 16, 2009


I know I have been MIA but this fall has FLOWN by!

Come to think about it

we have hardly had any fall weather.

Past few days have felt like end of November

not mid October!

Neil retired September 1st

and live around here is 'different'!

We sold our house 3 weeks ago.

Now we are homeless!

Since it had been on the market for months

and nothing we had quit looking at houses.

Now we are looking everywhere

but so far nothing exciting

that we can afford.

Above is just ONE cabinet FULL of STUFF!

I freak thinking of packing and moving.

But there is one good part of all this.

Sorting and getting rid of things we don't need.

And the wool room is getting packed for who knows

how long.

I'll try to update more often.

Thursday, July 30, 2009


I can't believe the Rug Hooking Retreat is over for another year!
Thanks to all to attended and also for the visitors we had on Wednesday!
I'm working to unpack everything and
and get it back on shelves!
This isn't such a bad job as I always
seem to find a special color of wool
that I just need to use.
Since I really didn't get to hook at camp
I'm ready to get hooking!
Enjoy the last couple days of July...........
Where did the summer go......

Saturday, July 18, 2009


I can't believe it is July 18th already
which means
the Rug Hooking Retreat starts
tomorrow evening
at the Canyon Inn at McCormick's Creek, Indiana!
It will be great to see old friends
meet new ones!

And remember Wednesday July 22, is the
wool & pattern shopping day!
Anybody that wants to stop in
to see what everybody is working
on is welcome!
From 1-4 PM!

Hopefully I will remember my camera
and will post pictures when I return!

Monday, July 13, 2009


Here is how we spent the last week or so.
Neil built the new deck and hung the swing he had made many years ago.
Here he is relaxing after about killing ourselves in 90 degree heat
to plant a bunch of new perennials and mulch!
How to find the perfect furniture to put out there.
And Neil has some more work on to do. Adding lattice and some other things.
This is a picture of the corner next to the mini barn.
The round ball is barb wire Neil rolled into the ball and I planted
lambs ear in it! It was a bit dangerous sticking my arm
in there to plant but the end results are good!
With less than a week until camp starts I'm feeling less stressed
than years past! What am I missing or forgetting? I'm NOT saying I'm ready .... I still have days to go!
Remember shopping day is Wednesday, July 22nd from 1-4!

Thursday, July 9, 2009














Judy & I went down to the Inn today to finalize some plans.

The hooking room is going to be just great!

Don't want any of you to forget that
Wednesday July 22nd

from 1-3 will be

open shopping.

So come and enjoy the projects everybody is working on


I'm sure you will find just that perfect piece of wool you need!

Friday, June 26, 2009


Summer is official here with the 4th of July holiday coming!
And if you couldn't tell from the calendar,
in most parts of the USA it is HOT!
Now I love summer but these 90's days are a bit too much.

Of course I saved my wool dyeing until it got really 'warm'.
But with my dye kitchen in the garage and there being some AC out
there it really isn't too bad.
I hit the dye pots this week with wonderful new blues,
greens, reds, salmons/bricks ( my new favorite color) and some great browns.
Many more yards to dye before camp starts July 19th but what is better than the
pressure of a deadline!

Bad news is we didn't get the cabin we made the offer on. A cash offer came about
and since our house hasn't sold there is no way we wanted two house payments.

Good news.... Neil has turned in his papers and is going to retire. He will probably work until September 1st. But with lots of vacation days to use up between now and September he will be home lots! Guess this will be 'practice' retirement!



Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Friday, May 22, 2009



Monday, May 18, 2009


We have put our house up for sale and made an offer
on a wonderful cabin in the woods.
Scary yes but exciting all the same.
This wonderful cabin in the picture was made by Neil
with a slate tree and a favorite cat beside it.
The one we made an offer on is a bit bigger!
Oh my gosh all the cleaning and sorting and tossing
I have done in the last few weeks.
Bee is posing for the picture. She has been telling me she DOES NOT want to move!
Change is going to be hard on ALL the girls in this house!
I'm planning on getting some items listed on my picture trail for sale soon.
I have many things that just need to find new homes.
Just watch for that update.

One last picture of my wool room sort of cleaned up.
Little Bit in the bottom of the picture is wondering where all her piles of wool have gone
since the tables are almost cleaned off. This is also our 3rd bedroom. Quite large if somebody
can just seen beyond my 'stuff'. I can't imagine packing all this just to show the house.

Now that I'm back I will try to keep you updated on all the changes going on.
Keep your fingers crossed it all works out!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Where has the past few weeks gone? It is for sure time does fly when you are having fun!

It has been cold, windy and just plain gloomy around central Indiana. Nothing exciting at all has happen here lately.
I did go with a couple friends and fabulous knitters to a fiber fair last Friday. I have been to fiber shows many times but this was the first time as a knitter. And OMG it was overwhelming checking out all the yarn. Planning for a knitting project is much more detailed than hooking or felting. As a new knitter I'm not that familiar with the different yarns and what you use for what pattern. Hard to believe I came home with NO yarn. BUT I will be ready for the next fiber show and have my ducks in a row.

I do think I want to dye yarn for my next project. Now dying I know how to do! I will just throw some yarn into the pots as I'm dyeing wool for hooking.
This will get two things done at once! Knitting.... not so much!

In the mean time I'm working on my Einstein Coat/or the light weight one whatever that is called and thinking of what I want to knit next.

This is where I found Bee the other night. Sleeping in the basket I keep my knitting in.
Just what I want furry yarn! At least my sweater I'm working on wasn't in there at the time.

And oops I woke her up! Pour thing.......

she looks over the edge like you found me! She is a funny cat and does move from spot to spot to sleep so it is a surprise where you find her sleeping next!

This basket was one of Neil's grandmothers baskets. A great old oak basket that somebody took the time to even dye some of the splits for it. Bee does know she is to be "good" in this basket!

Easter Sunday we went to my brothers for dinner. Linda fixed a wonderful meal. My cousin Rich came with his two kids Cam and Paige. Zack was home from Purdue and Madi was busy texting! The kids were too busy for adults at this age but it was fun seeing them for a few minutes. Madi is busy getting ready for the prom. She tried her dress on for me and I'm going to have to alter the straps a bit but shouldn't be much of a problem.
Zach was working on her BMW to drive it back to school. This has been a project for the past year and right now it is about done. ...........Until the next major problem!

Think I'm going to go spend the rest of the afternoon knitting. Don't tell Neil! As if he would be shocked!

Monday, March 23, 2009


Did I hear you say something about a

hooking retreat?

The Canyon Inn is going to be a great place
for a week of rug hooking and relaxing.

Sunday, March 22, 2009


I just found this wonder etsy site

I love the jewelry. So clean and artistly (is that a word?)

I just wanted to share it with all of you!

I love to find other artist outside of textiles that I can relate to! And there are a few pieces on her site calling my name!
I will be following this blog for sure!

Monday, March 16, 2009


I ran off last Thursday to my favorite yarn shop, Stitches and Scones and did I do good or what. This sweater I've been wanting to start so with the help of Gina. the good worker bee, I got this wonder purple tweed yarn. And look at the fun buttons to go on it! Now I just have to get brave and cast on!
Of course I couldn't stop at one project and I came home with this pattern and yarn to make a nice light weight summer sweater. Now I just need to jump in and start. But only start one at a time! These two ball of yarn were a complete tangled mess. How they got like that I have NO idea! But the other day while I was sewing up a pillow for my friend Cheryl she noticed the mess. While she kept me company she worked on untangling it. And then she insisted on taking it home to work on. Guess what she did it. Now I will have to find a nice pattern so I can knit it into something! It really is yummy stuff.
It is to be in the 70's here tomorrow! WOW it is only March 17th. Makes me want to get outside and work on the flowers. But have to remind myself it is still a LONG time until warm weather is here to stay!

Thursday, March 12, 2009


These two cats never get this close.
I walked in the spare room and found them like this.
The stuffed cat made from an old coverlet is Bee's best friend.
She is usually snuggled next to it.
And since it is not real she is the boss with it.
Bee knowing she is getting attention looks at me so innocent.....
Bee is the princess for sure. Her beautiful Bengal markings showing quite well here.

But finding Little Bit curled up so close to Bee's 'friend'
and Bee content to stay on the pillows is a strange site.
Think they are both just getting old.
Guess we are all waiting on spring! It has been cold here the last few days. After 70's this past weekend I'm ready for warm weather.
I've noticed flowers are starting to poke up and the green is really nice to see!
My pussy willows are in full bloom braving the cold.

Camp invites are about ready to go in the mail.
It seems like there is lots of excitement about the new location!
It was more that time for a new location!
The Canyon Inn will be the new hooking hot spot for sure!
Keep watching for all updates!

Monday, March 2, 2009


I am excited to announce that the


will have a new location for 2009.

It will be at the Canyon Inn

This is a picture of the Inn.

For the past 13 years it has been at the restored

Shaker Village
of Pleasant Hill, Kentucky.

Due to several issues it was time for a change.
More information will follow soon!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


it is only February 24Th.......
I thought I heard free money!
This is the felted bad I just finished. Or should I say just felted. I still have to add the lining.
It is really big and should work great for a project bag.
Why am I making project bags when I don't really have projects?
Who knows.
I have been working on some rugs I need to get mounted to frames for friends. How long have I had them......don't think I can count that far. I stretched wool and got it stapled on one frame today ..........3 more to go. Also have to sew up a pillow. Will post pictures when I get them done.
Soon I hope.
I'm going back to knitting.
Have a great evening!

Thursday, February 19, 2009



This is the wonderful chest Neil made me for Valentine's day! I Just happen to find a picture of some antique drawers and mentioned it would be great to store all my needles and stuff. This way it can be downstairs with me where I knit but not OUT so all can see.
Neil then preceded to draw up this pattern and go make it! WOW I just love it. Really nothing like the picture.........OK the one in the picture had 3 drawers but that was about all he copied!
Now I need to get my stuff organized and into the drawers. That will be another day!
We did get a little snow last night and it is really cold out. At least it is really sunny so that is a good thing!
It is to be a cold weekend just perfect for staying in and getting something done.......will it be knitting or hooking. You never know!
I did just rip the old dust ruffle off the bed and getting ready to make a new one. I have the perfect linen/something fabric so just need to measure and get busy. Just might have enought to make curtains or a valance for the spare bedroom.
I'm off to do some sewing!
Have a wonderful day!

Saturday, February 14, 2009


I hope you all have a great day however you plan to spend it.
With love ones or alone
I hope you are all being creative in one way or the other.
Thursday evening the girls came over to hook. Well one hooked, one was knitting and two of us were doing nothing! I had planned to finish the border on a small rug I was working on but...........Then last night I started another pair of socks. Not much time this weekend to knit or hook since there is LOTS of racing on TV. I know where I will be!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


It is raining cats and dogs here today. They are saying high winds up to 40-50mph later this afternoon. Many places around are already under flash flood warnings. With all the snow we had the last couple weeks there is lots of water around. But it is about 55 out so that is a far cry from normal February temps.

Here is Little Bit taking a nap on the nice clean quilt I just put in the bed. This is the spare room and the cats do think it is there room! The quilt is a bit bright for my taste but Neil's Grandmother made it and it really has never been used. Why am I not using it I thought as like everything it will age with use. The colors will be coming duller with washings and cat hair!

This is how I feel about my hooking. I don't use this bright of colors but I don't want them too dull either. The early rugs were not usually made with dull drab colors. They used what they had and since they were wanting to make a little something to bring warmth and color into their homes they were brighter. When we find the antiques today they are usually quite fade. A peek between the loops or on the back can ofter reveal the colors of yesterday.

Hooked face cats I made several years ago are waving so long for now!

Sunday, February 8, 2009


This is a hooked face doll I did many years ago. She is wearing a dress that was made for one of my childhood dolls. The slip she has on was one of mine. Red velvet shoes that tie complete her look. She looks a bit strange hanging on the wall with those wings. I'm thinking of releasing her to sit in a chair. Just hope if she makes it too the chair she won't be discovered by Bee...........

I received the following in an email today. Having read it before I thought it would be good to post so that we can all think about dancing more often!

Life Is Too Short,

Break The Rules,

Forgive Quickly,Kiss Slowly,

Love Truly,Laugh Uncontrollably,

And Never Regret Anything That Made You Smile.

Life May Not Be The PartyWe Hoped For,

But While We're Here, We Should Dance...

Saturday, February 7, 2009


Finally it is February and that means only one thing.............No not hearts and flowers for Valentines but Daytona racing! I know I'm a bit strange ..........but what's new!
So much racing crammed in into the next 10 days or so!
Guess I need to find a simple project to work on during commercials! Since I just finished a rug would have to start something new. ............probably not...... Maybe I can find something simple to knit with not much counting............NOT SOCKS!

It is really warm out today and all our snow is melting. Now it is just a big ugly dirty mess outside. Dreary looking with no sunshine..........those grey days of Indiana winters.

Think I'll go take a look at what it will take to get the wool room back in order. Maybe it just might happen this afternoon!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Yes, that groundhog does now his weather! We received about 4" of snow in two hours this morning. Now it is really windy so lots of blowing. But it is a good day. A bit ago a nice young man rang my bell and wanted to shovel my drive for $10.00. I said YES YES YES......and it did a wonderful job. Gave him a BIG tip and a Pepsi and I'm doing the happy dance! OK, I'm not really dancing......but smiling! Does that count for exercise!
Now for the really shocking news. I AM HOOKING! Last night got together with the hooking girls and of course I took my hooking along. Now I haven't touched in about 4 months. Same old mat I started last fall. But last night I did hook a bit then this morning I HOOKED! I'm excited as there is only a couple hours of hooking left on it and I want it done TONIGHT! Now that is also giving me some time to knit a bit today!
Last few days my head has be swimming with rugs I want to hook or design so guess I had better jump on that brain serge and get busy. It doesn't happen often! Hopefully finishing this rug with jump start me to get the studio organized and some new wool dyed. And since I never have more than one rug being hooked at a time I was just not wanting to do this rug so just did nothing.
With knitting I'm finding starting projects and not finishing one before the next is easy...........Wonder why that is. I'm thinking (thinking is a novel idea for me....... don't do it often) with knitting you pretty much know what the finished item will look like........I mean you have your yarn and a pattern and that is about it on the creativity. But with hooking there is LOTS more ......... all the dyed wool and textures I uses many colors and textures to get one leave or whatever................. as I design the rug just grows into much more ............Not sure it this makes sense but just know that being a hooker is so easy and not work and knitting is fun but WOW it sure uses up those brain cells with all the counting and THINKING. Didn't I already say I don't think often!
This is way too deep for this snowy day. Bee is here bugging me for something..........could be attention............I'm sure she missed sitting on my lap this morning as she doesn't fit there under the frame and she has been use to siting on my lap while I knit.............guess she votes for knitting!
With all the hooking, blogging maybe I just need a nap!


Monday, January 26, 2009


Can I say again how much I dislike linen for rug patterns? First and what I thought was the #1 reason for disliking linen is that I am VERY allergic to it. Never in my life have I gotten anything like poison ivy until several summers ago after cutting, serging and drawing 100 or more patterns on linen I was a mess. Couldn't figure out what it was since I hadn't been out the house for days. It was very HOT July and I had been in the house working on patterns for camp. My arms & legs started itching and the next thing they were covered in blisters. Not a pretty site. After dealing with it a couple days on my own I went to the doctors. After talking about where I had been and what I had been doing it was determined that the linen was the problem.

Now I stay far away from it and try not touch it. But I had an order for a Madi's Favorite pattern on linen and I said I would do it. Really thought I could talk Neil into doing it but........So this morning I headed out to the garage with rubber gloves and long sleeves. Got the linen cut and was ready to draw the pattern. This is when I found out the 2nd major reason for the is a bear to draw on ...........pencil marks don't show up, it is hard to keep the pencil straight in the line to get a straight line and it takes way more Sharpie's to get a whole pattern drawn.

I hear so much about how Monks cloth stretches...........that is only true if you the hooker stretches it. All backing will stretch if they are pulled too tightly on a frame or you don't do a couple rows of an outside border around the edges of the rug. And since I don't have a choice on what backing I work on I do love Monks cloth. It is so forgiving on your hands and much easier to draw a pattern on.

The patterns is drawn. Clothes are washed and dried, and I'm so far non the worst for linen except my face & eyes are itching. Just glad this job is done! Think I deserve some time to go finish up my sock I'm knitting.

33" X 33"
The pattern on monks cloth is ready and available with free shipping here.
I love doing simple rugs with very simple colors. Althought there is only four main colors in this rug I used many different textures and colors for each. The dark green background was up to 10 or more different wools. I don' t even worry about them coming from the same dye pot just as long as they are pleasing to the eye.

Sunday, January 25, 2009


It was a good day with NO football on TV. The Super Bowl is next week and then months with NO football! (And without the Colts in the Super Bowl it isn't exciting to watch.) This only means one thing...........DAYTON! Yes, I'm a racing fan. Watched many hours of the Rolex 24 yesterday & today and that can be pretty boring racing. but it sure beats football!

I plan on getting busy hooking so I will have something to do while watching a race each Sunday. I have been knitting the last few months but no way can I knit and watch something on TV. Way too much counting and paying attention to knitting. With hooking there is no counting or reading a pattern or dropping a stitch. Hooking is such a relaxing thing to do. But with knitting there is not the mess of wool lint compared to hooking.

Here is a picture of a rug I did a few years back. It is adapted from an antique rug from the collection of textiles at the Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill, Kentucky. The original wasn't a hooked rug but more of a sewn/shirred type of rug. I dyed the colors close to the original colors. I have this rug mounted on a frame but it is in the closet. I really need to find a place to hang this. Guess I need to change a few things that are on the wall now and display this rug. Many of my rugs are in the closet. Since I have a 'bad' cat they just can't go on the floor.

And since I have had Bee/ the Bad Cat for many years, lots of my rugs have been cleaned. A few have been tossed in the washer. Many more have been cleaned by soaking in warm water with some type of detergent and I have to say they all survived. Now I wouldn't advise this but it was either that or throw them way. Very little fading of colors........ and I have done this with rugs on burlap, monks cloth & linen.

I have also washed patterns that have been drawn with a black Sharpie pen. In no way did the marks fade or bleed. When it says permanent it means it.
Did you notice there are no new picture of the wool studio...........NO, I didn't get it organized. It is still on my list of things to do in January. How many days do I have? Better get this pair of socks knit so I will have time to get to the room.

Thursday, January 15, 2009


We finally got a few inches of snow and like half of the US it is bitter cold today. Making for a good day to stay inside and look at the sunshine coming in. This little rug is titled LET IT SNOW. It hooks up quickly and works for the holidays right into March. It can be found here with free shipping. You can't really see it in the pictures but I added a painted wooden dowel that I sharpen and pushed through the face for the nose.
I have it hanging on an old cabinet that Neil rescued from a friends backyard and painted. Neil also made the wonderful green pie safe with painted, punched tin inserts. The cat weather is from old barn wood and an antique arrow from an old weather vane.

Since so many are talking about finding a "word" for them to use for the New Year I have decided ORGANIZE/ORDER is the word/words for me. As you can see .........and I don't believe I'm posting these wool room/studio is a nightmare. It is a wonderful space when it is organized but also the place that becomes a nightmare fast. Maybe by posting these it will make me get in there and work at putting some order to it.

Organization is something I am not good at. My mind goes in too many different directions to keep things neat. But 2009 I am going to try harder.
Not just with keeping things neater but with life in general. I'm so tired of hearing the word change........too old for change but hopefully not too old to find order and organization for my life.

Now off to see if I can start with clearing off one of the tables in there.

Saturday, January 10, 2009


I have been taking inventory of my hooking patterns and adding many to my site. There will be free shipping and several at sale prices. More will be added in the next few days. Special Chick Delivery
18" x 27"
On Monks Cloth $25.00

Friday, January 9, 2009


This first week of 2009 has flew but at least I have gotten some things done. Christmas decorations are all put up. And I realized as I was getting the house back together I must of packed some of my everyday things up when I put up Christmas so they are lost until next Christmas. Just as well it will be like getting new things when I unpack.

This is a picture at the bottom of my stairs. The horse came from Neil's grandfathers house. We love it and a couple bears I made a few years ago love riding in it!

For Christmas Neil made his daughter in law a sign for the kitchen as she HATES to cook. But when we got there Christmas day for dinner and found out Josh, Neil's son did the cooking we gave him the sign instead.

And this sign was made for Josh they have just moved to the country and have a great pond for fishing. But instead of giving it to Josh we gave this one to Chas.........They both got a kick out the the reverse gifts and understood the reason for sure!

This is the first thing I knit. Ok I did a scarf but ripped it out. I used the Lucy Bag pattern. For some reason I had chosen this solid BRIGHT PURPLE yarn. After I machine felted the bag it was way too bright and solid so I got out the dyes and went to work on it. I really like the color it came out. And since I mixed dyes and dumped them in the pot not sure what it is. Then I needlefelted the design on the bag before I lined it. I'm happy at the way it came out and the felting the bag hides all my knitting mistakes!

This is my first sock I finished. Knit it yesterday and then thought WOW it is TALL! And I don't like that little ribbing around the ankle......more like around the fat part of my I started new sock this morning. I have enough yarn to make a pair the new way so that I think I'll just keep this one as a reminder what the first looked like. This sock knitting I can see will be trouble as it is all I want to do..........and I've not even got a pair to wear yet!

They are predicting snow this weekend. Hope it snows lots since we have no where to go and it would be nice to sit and knit and watch it snow!

Sunday, January 4, 2009


Here are a few pictures of holiday decorations before I get it all packed up for another year. This cabinet full of redware and a few of my sheep greets you as you enter the front door.

Wonderful Santa made and gifted to me from a great friend Nodie! Love him!

A little Merry Christmas redware plate on a shelf in the bathroom. On top are the "Brush Family". Who were purchased at a local art show and one made by Neil! They are always ready to make me smile!

Holiday scene in family room.

Log cabin made by Neil from some old barn wood!