Monday, November 30, 2009


This is such a good question.....
We moved and had to be out
of our house November 21st.

And between the time we sold our house we
bought a house/log cabin
in southern Indiana.

We are renting a house
until we close on the new cabin
and move.
MOVE again
I think it might kill us!
We are way too old for all this work!

Right now everything is stacked to the ceiling.
Nothing to do around here but that will change
once we get into the new place.

We have LOTS of plans
work for it.
Even though it is great shape we want

to make it ours.

This is a view from the front porch!
And the porch is like this on all four sides!

Right now it looks like it will be Janurary before we move again!
Plenty of time to get rested and ready!


Brownie Knits said...

What a great knitting porch!

Lori said...

Your new cabin sounds wonderful Margo! ~ Can't wait to see pictures when you're all moved in...
Blessed be!

Margo said...

The porch is about 8-10 wide all around the house.......LOTS of us can knit,spin or hook.......

laurie said...

Oh my, you guys are going to be living my dream. not the moving part, just the living in a cool house and cool views.

Margo said...

Laurie.. it could be a really COOL house...winter/high ceilings,lots of space and high heating bills! :)

Cinlyn said...

Oh Margo...the new place sounds wonderful and I LOVE the wrap-around porch!

Prairie Primitives said...

Margo, glad to hear you finally got your cabin! Looks like a wonderful place to have your rug camp or whatever else ... maybe even your own antiques & folk art fair? ;-) Remember the show we did at the cabin in Illinois?