Monday, March 16, 2009


I ran off last Thursday to my favorite yarn shop, Stitches and Scones and did I do good or what. This sweater I've been wanting to start so with the help of Gina. the good worker bee, I got this wonder purple tweed yarn. And look at the fun buttons to go on it! Now I just have to get brave and cast on!
Of course I couldn't stop at one project and I came home with this pattern and yarn to make a nice light weight summer sweater. Now I just need to jump in and start. But only start one at a time! These two ball of yarn were a complete tangled mess. How they got like that I have NO idea! But the other day while I was sewing up a pillow for my friend Cheryl she noticed the mess. While she kept me company she worked on untangling it. And then she insisted on taking it home to work on. Guess what she did it. Now I will have to find a nice pattern so I can knit it into something! It really is yummy stuff.
It is to be in the 70's here tomorrow! WOW it is only March 17th. Makes me want to get outside and work on the flowers. But have to remind myself it is still a LONG time until warm weather is here to stay!


laurie said...

skweee--cool patterns and love both yarns...sit outside and knit while the weather is nice today---tomorrow it could be shit;)
aren't friend's nice that love the challenge of yarn untangling.

jane augenstein said...

OH, LOVE that purple yarn!!! Don't forget to show what you made when finished!!! :-)

Margo said...

Jane, Watch for it NEXT year! I cast on FOUR times today and now I have 1 1/2" inches knit.... its going to be a long time!