Thursday, March 12, 2009


These two cats never get this close.
I walked in the spare room and found them like this.
The stuffed cat made from an old coverlet is Bee's best friend.
She is usually snuggled next to it.
And since it is not real she is the boss with it.
Bee knowing she is getting attention looks at me so innocent.....
Bee is the princess for sure. Her beautiful Bengal markings showing quite well here.

But finding Little Bit curled up so close to Bee's 'friend'
and Bee content to stay on the pillows is a strange site.
Think they are both just getting old.
Guess we are all waiting on spring! It has been cold here the last few days. After 70's this past weekend I'm ready for warm weather.
I've noticed flowers are starting to poke up and the green is really nice to see!
My pussy willows are in full bloom braving the cold.

Camp invites are about ready to go in the mail.
It seems like there is lots of excitement about the new location!
It was more that time for a new location!
The Canyon Inn will be the new hooking hot spot for sure!
Keep watching for all updates!


laurie said...

ahhhh--how cute, cat pic's!!!!
i love it---stuffed friend you can be the boss of--perfect.
they both do look content.
nice st. pat day graphics.

Lori said...

Margo your little bengal-girl is beautiful!!! (as is here sister-cat!) I love my kitties, I have three!...they're like potato chips, ya just can't have one!!!

thanks for visiting my blog, I've added you to my blog list!

Margo said...

Laurie & Lori
GLad you like the kittie pictures! Yes Lori my bengal Bee is beautiful and she does know she is the princess! I'm down to only 2 cats are right you can't just have one! Right Laurie!