Thursday, July 30, 2009


I can't believe the Rug Hooking Retreat is over for another year!
Thanks to all to attended and also for the visitors we had on Wednesday!
I'm working to unpack everything and
and get it back on shelves!
This isn't such a bad job as I always
seem to find a special color of wool
that I just need to use.
Since I really didn't get to hook at camp
I'm ready to get hooking!
Enjoy the last couple days of July...........
Where did the summer go......


jane augenstein said...

Yay!!! You survived another rug camp! How many did you have attend this year? I really enjoyed the one I went to in Kentucky, years ago; just could never swing it to come to another one. I have too many critters to take care of now so I don't go anywhere, that's OK though farm life id great!
Are you going to post some pictures of camp??? Would love to see some!
~Jane and Gilly~

Margo said...

Jane there was 16 total. I great size group and the Inn turned out to be a good place for camp! Not the same as Pleasant Hill but we had a wonderful room to hook in and the park was beautiful.
You need a critter babysitter next year so you could come hook with us!

Betsy said...

Camp was great and looking forward to next year already. It went so fast.
Hope you have rested up and are stating to plan for next year!!!!
Love and hugs,

Jeanne (RED) said...

Ms.Margo: I had a GREAT time in Indiana at your Hooking Retreat!!!! It wasn't Pleasant Hill but it was wonderful weather and good fellowship! So good to see all our hooking pals. Next year maybe I can make it all week! I miss you already!
LOVE, Jeanne (RED) Langston