Monday, July 13, 2009


Here is how we spent the last week or so.
Neil built the new deck and hung the swing he had made many years ago.
Here he is relaxing after about killing ourselves in 90 degree heat
to plant a bunch of new perennials and mulch!
How to find the perfect furniture to put out there.
And Neil has some more work on to do. Adding lattice and some other things.
This is a picture of the corner next to the mini barn.
The round ball is barb wire Neil rolled into the ball and I planted
lambs ear in it! It was a bit dangerous sticking my arm
in there to plant but the end results are good!
With less than a week until camp starts I'm feeling less stressed
than years past! What am I missing or forgetting? I'm NOT saying I'm ready .... I still have days to go!
Remember shopping day is Wednesday, July 22nd from 1-4!


jane augenstein said...

Nice!!! Can't wait to see more pictures when all the furniture is in place. Flower bed is beautiful, barbed wire.....need some more??? We have bits and pieces all over the place (wannta come and help repair fence???)
Oh, I thought not!! LOL
Camp sounds like fun, hope you didn't forget anything and have a wonderful time. How great that it's so close to home for you now!
Have fun!!!
~Jane and Gilly~

laurie said...

only 2 days left til camp-yahoo.
are you ready and packed?
so just sitting around knitting.