Thursday, March 25, 2010


I'm finding out it is taking much longer to unpack that it took to pack. And I can't seem to decorate until I look at lots of things to decide where they should go. This house doesn't have very many walls to hang things and it smaller than our last house.
The cats moved really good which is a good thing.
I'm hoping to find the camera so I can take some pictures soon.
This move has been a huge change. And one thing that is driving me crazy is NO tv. Or should I say NO local channels.....which means no 24, NCIS, NAscar, or House. We have 100+ channels and nothing to watch. I know this is crazy but I really miss local news!
AND the 'outside' noise is driving SO loud! Did I say I'm not a country girl!
I'm sure it will all work out but right now I feel like I'm in a different country......but then again with all that has happen in Washington a different country could be a good thing!


jane augenstein said...

Margo, now you have to get a horse!!! LOL or how about a donkey? From your other pictures looks like you have a wonderful place to live. Out in the country, you will get used to it....I love country living, so quiet and peaceful. I just saw 6 turkeys up on the hill behind the barn today.
Enjoy your new cabin, beautiful!!!

laurie said...

Hidy HO--glsd the cats are settleing in ok----
what do you mean by outside noise?
just keep knitting and hooking during that no tv time--haha.
hope to see pic soon:)

Margo said...

Outside noise.....frogs or something screaming!! Jane NO horse.....I'm not even wanting a dog but Neil says yes we will get one. I've heard turkeys but not seen any yet.
Wish I could hide from Neil and knit!!

laurie said...

Margo-Margo where art thou - Margo.
What's going on in the counrty. did you fall in the pond--haha. Need pictures of home and cats...

Dixie Sargent Redmond said...

I shouldn't tell you this, but I still haven't hung pictures up in some places and we moved over 5 years ago. Oh, dear. Good luck!


Ter'e said...

I hope you continue your blog!!!! I can't believe I peeked in and here is the blog......and no Margo.
Girlfriend - it's 2011.
Will peek in again and hope to see you, settled in and happy and hooking.