Tuesday, April 26, 2011


 Chippy decided it was safe to venture
out this afternoon. 
Notice some 'mud' in the background? 
This is where I decided to add on to this flower bed.
I just didn't know it was going to rain for days before
I could get it planted and mulch down.

 This is the new bird condo Neil made the other day.
Had no idea a couple blue bird families would
decide to move in and be neighbors!
 This is the backyard.  As you can see the woods and hill are turning
quite green.  Also the grass is growing fast and needs mowing.  That round flower
bed needs planted with something good this year.  Not sure what I'm doing  with it yet!
This was taken a couple days ago from the front porch. 
Many times in the last few days this 'lake' has come and gone.
It is hard to see the road over there with the creek on the other side of the road.
Usually this is a quiet creek but with all the rain it has been a roaring river
most days.  We are lucky even though the road out front as been closed a lot
we can go the other way to get out to the main road. 
I will be glad when this rainy season is over!   Hope our driveway
doesn't wash down the hill before we can work on it.

Oh the joys of country life! 

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TamboinMO said...

Margo, You are in such a beautiful space! Always tickled to see that you've visited my blog. I've always admired your work.