Thursday, July 28, 2011


I can't believe that July is almost over.   Although I bitch about the heat, I love hot weather and find it really depressing when it gone.  Living in Indiana you have to enjoy the bright sunshine of summer compared to the grey days of fall and winter.
 For 13 years I lost most of my summer due to having the Primitive Rug Hooking Retreat at the Shaker Village in Kentucky.   It took so much time to get ready for it then spending from 7 to 15 days away from home by time it was over so it seemed summer was also.   I miss many things about the hooking retreat but not my missed summers and the stress of pleasing so many people which is impossible to please everybody.
A few weeks this little hummingbird flew into our back door.   After a few minutes in my hand she was ready to fly away on her own.  She felt like velvet and so tiny.   I still find it hard to believe I was holding her.  We have three hummingbird feeders on the  back porch and MANY of the little birds are feeding.  Sometimes there are so too many to even count.
Last week I decided to go to my wool room and hook.   WOW it has been so long but now I'm starting to get excited about a new rug I'm planning.   Just want to get this crazy little rug finished so I can move on to something fun!
Since my 'chores' are finished for the day I think I'll head out to the pool for a bit of the sun and heat!   Bet it won't take long to melt!  


laurie said...

WOW- your really holding a hummingbird---I didn't think that was possible. and you had time to get a picture!!!!!
What's your new rug--anything to do with birds?

Courtney said...

That picture is so cool. I am in love with hummingbirds this summer. We've moved to the country and I put up a feeder and we've been entertained ever since. They are amazing creatures.

Margo said...

Courtney, We moved to the country last year so this is the 2nd year with hummers. I have 3 feeders up and right now they are drinking those is less than 24 hours.
Laurie, right now there are no cats or birds on the new rug I'm thinking about! But that could change!