Monday, July 11, 2011


There are two new additions to our family
 in the past few months. 
First is beautiful Kaylee Elizabeth White!
This is her at 3 months!   What a sweet heart!  And no she isn't spoiled!  Neil won't share her with anybody and I have to sneak to get my time with her!  What a joy she is!   Now my job is to make her into a girly girl!  
And this cutie sitting in the shade of the
bee skip is Miz Kat!
She was left by her family that lived
next door when they moved a couple months ago.  Guess who felt sorry for her?
Neil was the first to feed her and like they say feed a cat once and
she is yours!  She is a really good outside cat! 
BUT Bee and Little Bit hate her!  When they see Miz Kat they go crazy.
It has been a bit stressful around here with they cats.  What we live with
when we have cats!


laurie said...

WOW--Sweet Sweet baby Kaylee..Gogo Grama.
MizKat is cute to.
Your yard is looking so pretty. Love the yard art!!!

Wanda said...

Margo! Sweet new additions to your family, we are feeding a handsome orange boy right now and the clinker is when you start calling them names, Here Puddin' Hope you are as wonderful as always