Tuesday, August 23, 2011


It has turned into a beautiful day here in Southern Indiana today.  Low humidity and mid 80's.  Wish this could last all  year.  I'm busy knitting a baby blanket that needs to be finished for a shower Sunday.   Yes, I waited until the last minute to start it but working under pressure is a good thing!
Neil is bored today and no project I suggest seems to be what he wants to do!  At least he has made it to the workshop so maybe he will come up with something to do.  I think at times he is very bored with retirement! 
Better get back to knitting as I would like to knit a hat also for little Simon for the shower also!


laurie said...

What pattern did you pick to knit?

So your knitting 22 hours a day, lol.

Has Neil made something for the baby shower.

again here I am with all the questions. But posting 2 days in a row---swoon. loved cat pic's yesterday and Neil's cabin art was top notch!!

Courtney said...

I was just talking to my brother about wishing I was retired. He said I would go crazy with boredom. I thought of that when you said maybe Neil was bored with retirement. I'd like to think that I'd make rugs and garden and knit and just relax! Good luck finishing the knitting and have fun at the shower!

Margo said...

No not knitting 22 hours a day! Should be for sure!
And Courtney retirement is great.......Just the togetherness ALL the time gets to be a lot! Neil has found something to do today which is a good thing! You are a teacher right? DOesn't summers off make you not want to go back! LOL