Tuesday, February 24, 2009


it is only February 24Th.......
I thought I heard free money!
This is the felted bad I just finished. Or should I say just felted. I still have to add the lining.
It is really big and should work great for a project bag.
Why am I making project bags when I don't really have projects?
Who knows.
I have been working on some rugs I need to get mounted to frames for friends. How long have I had them......don't think I can count that far. I stretched wool and got it stapled on one frame today ..........3 more to go. Also have to sew up a pillow. Will post pictures when I get them done.
Soon I hope.
I'm going back to knitting.
Have a great evening!

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JudyJudyJudy said...

So there you are! Now that I've found your blog I can keep up and what you're up to! Looks like you've been busy!!! Hope all is well there ... looks like you are both making the most of winter. Love some of those email jokes you've sent recently ... keep them coming. Red emailed me recently and wanted to know if you're having camp this year ... are you? Inquiring minds want to know! LOL! Sure miss you and hope we can meet in Greencastle again soon (when the weather is nice) for lunch. Take care ... JudyJudyJudy