Thursday, February 19, 2009



This is the wonderful chest Neil made me for Valentine's day! I Just happen to find a picture of some antique drawers and mentioned it would be great to store all my needles and stuff. This way it can be downstairs with me where I knit but not OUT so all can see.
Neil then preceded to draw up this pattern and go make it! WOW I just love it. Really nothing like the picture.........OK the one in the picture had 3 drawers but that was about all he copied!
Now I need to get my stuff organized and into the drawers. That will be another day!
We did get a little snow last night and it is really cold out. At least it is really sunny so that is a good thing!
It is to be a cold weekend just perfect for staying in and getting something done.......will it be knitting or hooking. You never know!
I did just rip the old dust ruffle off the bed and getting ready to make a new one. I have the perfect linen/something fabric so just need to measure and get busy. Just might have enought to make curtains or a valance for the spare bedroom.
I'm off to do some sewing!
Have a wonderful day!


jane augenstein said...

Wow, Neil did a great job on the chest!
you are more motivated then I am! I was going to sew today too I sit in front of the computer LOL I have material I was going to make curtains, had some pants to hem and a door to sand and stain....but now it's almost time to go feed the equine and I am not wanting to go outside. It is 26 degrees and the wind is howling; yesterday it was 53 and I was riding Gilly. Not today!!!
Is spring EVER going to get here??

laurie said...

wow what a great knitting needle chest and a valentine present-awwww. neil needs a chocolate pie!!
and now your going to sew a dust ruffle and curtains--must be that sunshine beaming out eneregy:)
so hunker down for the weekend and keep warm>>