Wednesday, February 11, 2009


It is raining cats and dogs here today. They are saying high winds up to 40-50mph later this afternoon. Many places around are already under flash flood warnings. With all the snow we had the last couple weeks there is lots of water around. But it is about 55 out so that is a far cry from normal February temps.

Here is Little Bit taking a nap on the nice clean quilt I just put in the bed. This is the spare room and the cats do think it is there room! The quilt is a bit bright for my taste but Neil's Grandmother made it and it really has never been used. Why am I not using it I thought as like everything it will age with use. The colors will be coming duller with washings and cat hair!

This is how I feel about my hooking. I don't use this bright of colors but I don't want them too dull either. The early rugs were not usually made with dull drab colors. They used what they had and since they were wanting to make a little something to bring warmth and color into their homes they were brighter. When we find the antiques today they are usually quite fade. A peek between the loops or on the back can ofter reveal the colors of yesterday.

Hooked face cats I made several years ago are waving so long for now!

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