Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Yes, that groundhog does now his weather! We received about 4" of snow in two hours this morning. Now it is really windy so lots of blowing. But it is a good day. A bit ago a nice young man rang my bell and wanted to shovel my drive for $10.00. I said YES YES YES......and it did a wonderful job. Gave him a BIG tip and a Pepsi and I'm doing the happy dance! OK, I'm not really dancing......but smiling! Does that count for exercise!
Now for the really shocking news. I AM HOOKING! Last night got together with the hooking girls and of course I took my hooking along. Now I haven't touched in about 4 months. Same old mat I started last fall. But last night I did hook a bit then this morning I HOOKED! I'm excited as there is only a couple hours of hooking left on it and I want it done TONIGHT! Now that is also giving me some time to knit a bit today!
Last few days my head has be swimming with rugs I want to hook or design so guess I had better jump on that brain serge and get busy. It doesn't happen often! Hopefully finishing this rug with jump start me to get the studio organized and some new wool dyed. And since I never have more than one rug being hooked at a time I was just not wanting to do this rug so just did nothing.
With knitting I'm finding starting projects and not finishing one before the next is easy...........Wonder why that is. I'm thinking (thinking is a novel idea for me....... don't do it often) with knitting you pretty much know what the finished item will look like........I mean you have your yarn and a pattern and that is about it on the creativity. But with hooking there is LOTS more ......... all the dyed wool and textures ..........as I uses many colors and textures to get one leave or whatever................. as I design the rug just grows into much more ............Not sure it this makes sense but just know that being a hooker is so easy and not work and knitting is fun but WOW it sure uses up those brain cells with all the counting and THINKING. Didn't I already say I don't think often!
This is way too deep for this snowy day. Bee is here bugging me for something..........could be attention............I'm sure she missed sitting on my lap this morning as she doesn't fit there under the frame and she has been use to siting on my lap while I knit.............guess she votes for knitting!
With all the hooking, blogging maybe I just need a nap!



BeFRuiTFuL said...

I hear you about needing to do it while the brain is in the mood. I love rug hooking and it has become a passion for me. I say get those dye pots out and dye up some wool .


Terry and Jackie said...

Hey Margo!! How are you??? I just discovered your blog...VERY NICE!
You may not remember me...we met in person a few years back when you lived in Zionsville? (at least I think that was the town...hahaha) Nice to find you again.
Jackie from The Red Door