Monday, January 26, 2009


Can I say again how much I dislike linen for rug patterns? First and what I thought was the #1 reason for disliking linen is that I am VERY allergic to it. Never in my life have I gotten anything like poison ivy until several summers ago after cutting, serging and drawing 100 or more patterns on linen I was a mess. Couldn't figure out what it was since I hadn't been out the house for days. It was very HOT July and I had been in the house working on patterns for camp. My arms & legs started itching and the next thing they were covered in blisters. Not a pretty site. After dealing with it a couple days on my own I went to the doctors. After talking about where I had been and what I had been doing it was determined that the linen was the problem.

Now I stay far away from it and try not touch it. But I had an order for a Madi's Favorite pattern on linen and I said I would do it. Really thought I could talk Neil into doing it but........So this morning I headed out to the garage with rubber gloves and long sleeves. Got the linen cut and was ready to draw the pattern. This is when I found out the 2nd major reason for the is a bear to draw on ...........pencil marks don't show up, it is hard to keep the pencil straight in the line to get a straight line and it takes way more Sharpie's to get a whole pattern drawn.

I hear so much about how Monks cloth stretches...........that is only true if you the hooker stretches it. All backing will stretch if they are pulled too tightly on a frame or you don't do a couple rows of an outside border around the edges of the rug. And since I don't have a choice on what backing I work on I do love Monks cloth. It is so forgiving on your hands and much easier to draw a pattern on.

The patterns is drawn. Clothes are washed and dried, and I'm so far non the worst for linen except my face & eyes are itching. Just glad this job is done! Think I deserve some time to go finish up my sock I'm knitting.

33" X 33"
The pattern on monks cloth is ready and available with free shipping here.
I love doing simple rugs with very simple colors. Althought there is only four main colors in this rug I used many different textures and colors for each. The dark green background was up to 10 or more different wools. I don' t even worry about them coming from the same dye pot just as long as they are pleasing to the eye.


jane augenstein said...

Sorry to hear that you got the itchies form the linen. So strange that you are allergic to it, burlap I could understand but linen. I still like it best of all though (sorry) ;-) I like the pattern very old looking.
Are you getting any snow there? We are supposed to get several inches in the next two days.......groan! Enough already, I WANT SPRING!!!

Anonymous said...

HI Margo ~ I am so glad to see you here on blog land. I just found your blog and was thrilled to see your gorgeous rugs. I love this one too. I learned so much from your camp in KY 6 yrs ago. The biggest rug I ever hooked was from one of your patterns.
Great to see you and will visit often.

Margo said...

Kim, Glad to see you too! This blog land is a bit much for my brain at times. Just when I think I know what I'm doing .....well you get the picture! Sure glad you enjoyed KY. Pleasant Hill is a wonderful place!