Friday, January 2, 2009



As I wonder where 2008 has gone I want to wish all Happy New Year! I'm sure that 2009 will be filled with as many or more interesting problems as 2008. I'm hoping I will be are more creative & productive year! With the beginning of a new year I'm excited about the ideas that are spinning in my head. IF I can just make myself do some of them each day 2009 will be a good year! Writing in my blog is at the top of the list!

Looking back on 2008 and wondering where it went I can say I did learn to knit. For many years I refused to learn as rug hooking is all I wanted to do. But the challenge of knitting.........and it is a challenge that at times I feel is beyond this old brain..........following patterns and COUNTING and DROPPING stitches about pushes me over the edge. But then I take a deep breath.......SCREAM, THROW STUFF and just before my brain explodes I tell myself this can't be THIS HARD! I ask myself why with hooking being so EASY and relaxing why am I doing this! I'm sure there as days my dear friend Tonia wishes she never talked me into knitting! She is a saint for all the help she has given me with this knitting task!

Hooking will always be my first love.The dyeing of the wools, designing a new pattern and putting the colors together will always be what makes me comfortable. But for now I'm making room for knitting. I mean who can pass up all the beautiful yarns ........and they are ready to knit ............I don't have to take the time to dye them as somebody else has gone to the trouble for me !

For now I'm off to find something for dinner and knit!


jane augenstein said...

Hi Margo! Learning to knit, good for you, I tried to knit a long time ago but never got very far with it. Got into other things, quilting, sewing then hooking. Not doing any hooking or any craft at the moment, reading a stuff!! LOL
Happy New Year!!! :-)

Margo said...

Jane, Was surprised to find your comment here. How did you find me? Happy New Year!

jane augenstein said...

Hi Margo, saw that you had visited my site through "Live Feed Traffic" that tells me who all visits. It's pretty neat!
Looks like you are knitting some neat things! Keep posting so we can see that you are making.