Sunday, January 25, 2009


It was a good day with NO football on TV. The Super Bowl is next week and then months with NO football! (And without the Colts in the Super Bowl it isn't exciting to watch.) This only means one thing...........DAYTON! Yes, I'm a racing fan. Watched many hours of the Rolex 24 yesterday & today and that can be pretty boring racing. but it sure beats football!

I plan on getting busy hooking so I will have something to do while watching a race each Sunday. I have been knitting the last few months but no way can I knit and watch something on TV. Way too much counting and paying attention to knitting. With hooking there is no counting or reading a pattern or dropping a stitch. Hooking is such a relaxing thing to do. But with knitting there is not the mess of wool lint compared to hooking.

Here is a picture of a rug I did a few years back. It is adapted from an antique rug from the collection of textiles at the Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill, Kentucky. The original wasn't a hooked rug but more of a sewn/shirred type of rug. I dyed the colors close to the original colors. I have this rug mounted on a frame but it is in the closet. I really need to find a place to hang this. Guess I need to change a few things that are on the wall now and display this rug. Many of my rugs are in the closet. Since I have a 'bad' cat they just can't go on the floor.

And since I have had Bee/ the Bad Cat for many years, lots of my rugs have been cleaned. A few have been tossed in the washer. Many more have been cleaned by soaking in warm water with some type of detergent and I have to say they all survived. Now I wouldn't advise this but it was either that or throw them way. Very little fading of colors........ and I have done this with rugs on burlap, monks cloth & linen.

I have also washed patterns that have been drawn with a black Sharpie pen. In no way did the marks fade or bleed. When it says permanent it means it.
Did you notice there are no new picture of the wool studio...........NO, I didn't get it organized. It is still on my list of things to do in January. How many days do I have? Better get this pair of socks knit so I will have time to get to the room.

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