Thursday, January 15, 2009


We finally got a few inches of snow and like half of the US it is bitter cold today. Making for a good day to stay inside and look at the sunshine coming in. This little rug is titled LET IT SNOW. It hooks up quickly and works for the holidays right into March. It can be found here with free shipping. You can't really see it in the pictures but I added a painted wooden dowel that I sharpen and pushed through the face for the nose.
I have it hanging on an old cabinet that Neil rescued from a friends backyard and painted. Neil also made the wonderful green pie safe with painted, punched tin inserts. The cat weather is from old barn wood and an antique arrow from an old weather vane.

Since so many are talking about finding a "word" for them to use for the New Year I have decided ORGANIZE/ORDER is the word/words for me. As you can see .........and I don't believe I'm posting these wool room/studio is a nightmare. It is a wonderful space when it is organized but also the place that becomes a nightmare fast. Maybe by posting these it will make me get in there and work at putting some order to it.

Organization is something I am not good at. My mind goes in too many different directions to keep things neat. But 2009 I am going to try harder.
Not just with keeping things neater but with life in general. I'm so tired of hearing the word change........too old for change but hopefully not too old to find order and organization for my life.

Now off to see if I can start with clearing off one of the tables in there.


jane augenstein said...

Hey girl, like your new colors on the background! We've had snow then rain, then freezing cold, more snow now some ice mixed in, BLAH!!! Where the heck is spring!!!
Nice snow man rug!!! :-)

Margo said...

Glad you are getting the snow and not us. We had lots of freezing rain before Christmas but next to no snow. They are telling us we might get some this week. It if is going to be good I would just as soon have snow. BUT I don't go out to feed the animals. That would be bad when it is cold & yucky!