Friday, January 9, 2009


This first week of 2009 has flew but at least I have gotten some things done. Christmas decorations are all put up. And I realized as I was getting the house back together I must of packed some of my everyday things up when I put up Christmas so they are lost until next Christmas. Just as well it will be like getting new things when I unpack.

This is a picture at the bottom of my stairs. The horse came from Neil's grandfathers house. We love it and a couple bears I made a few years ago love riding in it!

For Christmas Neil made his daughter in law a sign for the kitchen as she HATES to cook. But when we got there Christmas day for dinner and found out Josh, Neil's son did the cooking we gave him the sign instead.

And this sign was made for Josh they have just moved to the country and have a great pond for fishing. But instead of giving it to Josh we gave this one to Chas.........They both got a kick out the the reverse gifts and understood the reason for sure!

This is the first thing I knit. Ok I did a scarf but ripped it out. I used the Lucy Bag pattern. For some reason I had chosen this solid BRIGHT PURPLE yarn. After I machine felted the bag it was way too bright and solid so I got out the dyes and went to work on it. I really like the color it came out. And since I mixed dyes and dumped them in the pot not sure what it is. Then I needlefelted the design on the bag before I lined it. I'm happy at the way it came out and the felting the bag hides all my knitting mistakes!

This is my first sock I finished. Knit it yesterday and then thought WOW it is TALL! And I don't like that little ribbing around the ankle......more like around the fat part of my I started new sock this morning. I have enough yarn to make a pair the new way so that I think I'll just keep this one as a reminder what the first looked like. This sock knitting I can see will be trouble as it is all I want to do..........and I've not even got a pair to wear yet!

They are predicting snow this weekend. Hope it snows lots since we have no where to go and it would be nice to sit and knit and watch it snow!


jane augenstein said...

Hey Margo! Love the needle felted bag; the sings are really neat, good job Neil!
The blue sock, just push the top down around your ankle for the scrunchy look! :-)

Sheri said...

Margo, so glad to have found your blog. Thanks for putting it on wool snippets. I am trying to knit also. And I'm doing a purse to felt for my first project. Right now I'm getting ready to bind my little Valentine pillow. Please check out my blog too!

Margo said...

Sheri,Keep up the knitting. A felted bag is the best thing to start with as all your mistakes disapper with the felting!